14:30 Welcome + registration

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14:45 Theatre doors are open

15:00 Session 1 – Overcoming Obstacles

Speakers and performers are Jeroen Mulder, Katja Staartjes, Maarten van Poppelen, Wil Konings and Mechteld Karlien de Jongh.

16:30 Break 1 with drinks

17:00 Session 2 – Empowered by Technology

Speakers and performers are Kitty Nijmeijer, Tom van Dijk, Max Welling, Juan Manuel Jauregui Becker and Koen Brouwer.

18:30 Break 2 with dinner

19:30 Session 3 – Shaping (y)our future

Speakers are Jan Veldhuizen, Yamini Jain Singh, Jasper Driessens, Alireza Rohani and Paul Adamson

21:00 Afterparty at the Vestingbar