When and where will the event take place?
TEDxTwenteU will take place on the 2nd of May in Concordia.

How many places will be available?
One hundred tickets will be sold. Next to that there will be a live stream on this site. Ticket sales will be based on motivation, so not on a first-come first-serve base.

When will be the registration open for participants?
The deadline the register is closed at this moment. If you still would like to see the talks, then watch the live stream 

What will be the cost of a ticket?
The cost of a ticket is € 15,-.

Will there be coffee, drinks and dinner?
Yes! And it will be included in the ticket price.

Can I speak at TEDxTwenteU?
There will be an opportunity to speak at TEDxTwenteU for everyone that has something to share. The application deadline was on 31 January. At this moment, all speakers are chosen.

Are these questions really frequently asked?
Haha, no.