Tomorrow, the Open Auditions will take place. We received more than 30 registrations, with which we are very glad! Most of the contestants will pitch their idea tomorrow. All auditions are public, so you have the opportunity to listen to the inspiring ideas and become inspired yourself too. Feel free to come and leave at the moment you like! The entire schedule is listed below.

Morning session

Karin Vaneker 09:00-09:10
Jeroen Mulder 09:10-09:20
Kaj / Paul 09:20-09:30
Jan van Veldhuizen 09:30-09:40
Jerfy ter Bekke 09:40-09:50
BREAK 09:50-10:00
Anton van Rosmalen 10:00-10:10
Samantha Frans 10:10-10:20
Hizirwan Salim 10:20-10:30
Zarko Baban 10:30-10:40
Anne van Woezik 10:50-11:00

Afternoon session

Yamini Singh 12:00-12:10
Pricivel Carrera 12:10-12:20
Monique Dekker 12:20-12:30
Salmeen Shakil Choudhury 12:30-12:40
Nadine Witteman 12:40-12:50
BREAK 12:50-13:00
Stefan de Bruijn 13:00-13:10
Berber Bijlsma 13:10-13:20
Jasper Driessens 13:20-13:30
Prema Devi Ishaya 13:30-13:40
Alireza Rohani 13:40-13:50
Bas van der Meijden 13:50-14:00
BREAK 14:10-15:00
Juan Manuel Jauregui Becker 14:10-14:20
Kaj Vermaas 14:20-14:30
Lucinda Douglas 14:30-14:40

Evening session

Barry Fitzgerald 19:00-19:10
Henk Hamburg 19:10-19:20
Joe Laufer 19:20-19:30

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