After the successful auditions at the University of Twente, a last round of auditions was held in Utrecht. These were organized by the Alumni Network of the University of Twente, therefore all alumni had the chance to audition. At the event, five speakers were set to the stage with around 30 people in the audience. After the pitch there was room for a discussion, directed by our speakerscoaches from Presentation-Master (Nienke van Bezooijen and Lisette Heijboer) and the chairman of the day (Marcel van den Elst). The discussions led to new inspirational thoughts, which was fascinating. At the end, during the drink these discussions could continue.

We would like to thank Arianne and Marcel for organizing this wonderful evening and of course our speakerscoaches for your expertise. Finally, a word of thanks to all the speakers of the evening. It shows real courage to share your idea at a stage for a room with audience, which we respect this enormously.

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