The organization of TEDxTwenteU is looking for interesting, innovative and outstanding sponsorships for their event on the 2th of May 2018.

To make sure that TEDxTwenteU 2018 will be a huge success where people get amazed, inspired and more importantly generate new ideas and insights to spread with friends and family, we have to “build bridges” with everyone that has the same idea about our mission and TEDx’.

Building Bridges is in our opinion a very crucial part of organizing a Tedx conference. Looking for the perfect setting, food, publicity, advertisement and speakers to achieve a ‘wow’-element is dependent on the money available. Together with partners, in which we will collaborate to make this event a huge success, we can definitely inspire people and spread new ideas and insights to the world.

Are you ready to join our mission and ready to start building bridges in any possible way you can think of, we would love to hearing from you as soon as possible.


Please, feel free to contact me:

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