“Speak up and be heard, if no one says a word everything will stay the same”


This captures Elise de Groote her feelings about public speaking. By sharing ideas, opinions, believes and structurally argument why you have those ideas, opinions and believes; we all have a better understanding of each other and a whole new world could be established. The fact that she is a student who likes and studies technology has a lot to do with her talk. However, her talk is not about how awesome technology is and neither about how dangerous it is. Elise’s talk is about a potential problem that is right under our noses and we don’t
seem to recognize it.

For this reason, she thinks TEDx is a great event. Elise has been inspired by TED videos for the past years and she feels honoured to be part of it. Elise is an Advanced Technology student at the University of Twente and currently part of the 13th board of the Study Association Astatine.