“You never know the value of water, until the well runs dry”



Rick Hogeboom has a passion for water. Young and energetic, Rick aims to foster and facilitate science-based, practical and inclusive water stewardship whenever and wherever he can. Always with a big smile. Water is so precious – we cannot go without it for more than a couple days – yet the way we use and misuse it is gravely underexposed. In his TED talk, Rick will try to share his passion for water, his quest for enlightenment, and inspire you to become good water stewards yourselves.

Rick is Executive Director at the Water Footprint Network, an international non-profit partner and donor organization which tries to find ways of sustainable, fair and efficient use of the world’s limited fresh water. He is also striving to obtain his PhD, on how much water we humans actually consume, and what for. Water scarcity results when we use more than we have sustainably available, and Rick investigates what can be done by consumers, businesses, NGOs, governments, and investors alike to solve these water issues.

Finally, Rick is a Program Manager at the Wetskills Foundation, where he leads and organizes international networking and learning events for young professionals in the water sector, to find solutions for pressing water issues and equip the next generation of water stewards.