International bass trombonist, Russ Zokaites currently enjoys engagements in Europe and in the United States. Focusing on new music, Zokaites has worked with composers on several world premieres ranging from neo-classical to the avant-garde. As a freelance trombonist Zokaites can be heard playing a large variety of styles with numerous ensembles. As a guest clinician he has given recitals and classes at Bemidji State University and the University of South Carolina. Russ was selected as a fellow for the 2013 Alessi Seminar hosted by Joe Alessi, the Principal Trombonist of the New York Philharmonic.

The Ghetto Blaster Project (GBP) is a series of exciting performances combining classical music with recycled noise played through recycled boomboxes. The project challenges the idea of classical music by combining art with sound material from everyday life. As a result, noise pollution will be elevated into music and the public will have to reconsider how they listen to life. Not only are we challenging the music itself, but the way audience members can interact with music. The audience will have compositional control of one work through the use of a cell phone application. Performances will take place in art galleries and public spaces throughout the Netherlands in the month of April, with one performance scheduled in Phoenix, Arizona (United States of America).